Income Tax

We provide Income Tax preparation for Small Businesses

Because of the nature of C-Corporations, S-Corporations and Partnerships, we would appreciate the time to evaluate your unique situation. Many of these business entities need the expertise of a larger CPA firm. We do work with several CPA firms in the area and can give a referral and/or have a consultation with you and the CPA. We offer Bookkeeping and Payroll Services for these larger entities, and at times have a CPA complete the Income Tax return.

Kathy personally specializes in Small Non-Profits, Sole Proprietor, LLC Small Business’s and Rental property owners. “It has been my experience to do well in a few areas than try to take on the gamut of all areas of tax.  This allows me to give your business the personal attention you need and to help you with future growth”.

Individual Services

We provide all aspects of Personal Income Tax Preparation. Whether you file a 1040EZ to a full 1040, if you Itemize, have Un-reimbursed Business expenses, contribute to charities or have medical deductions, whether you work out of your home, sell stocks, contribute to your 401K or make a withdraw from an IRA, we can assist you. The list goes on and on and each person’s situation is unique. Schedule an appointment for us to evaluate your situation and as always, there is never a charge for a consult or evaluation.

If you travel in your job, are an over-the-road driver or work in the construction field, we can help you with the necessary forms you can use during the year to make tax preparation a tad bid easier.

See what real clients are saying:

Deborah T.

“Kathy has been doing our taxes since she bought the business and it has been a pleasure working with her. We are not in the area during tax season, but she makes the whole process smooth and painless, or as painless as paying taxes can be. Over the years our tax situation has becomes less complicated but we still depend on Kathy to make sure we take advantage of every possible break we can”

Deborah T.
Krista J

“Kathy is always willing to find answers to the hard questions. She makes sure she is fully informed and passes along her knowledge. Kathy is eager to help when I call with some abstract tax question. I feel that she cares deeply about her clients and goes the extra mile to be sure things are done correctly. Kathy has been my tax preparer for many years and is my first choice for tax preparation and advice. Thanks Kathy!”

Krista J