This is Tugg

Born in Texas in 2003. Abandoned with his siblings to fend for themselves at about 8 weeks old.

He was half bald from mange but happy as the day is long!

My son and I adopted Tugg in September of 2003. Prior to this, we adopted another rescue pup from the pound her name was Maggie Mae. They grew up together while we lived in Texas, and then traveled all over with us. We relocated to Wisconsin in August of 2006. Maggie and Tugg were best of friends, always playing and happy. Tugg is a schnauzer mix, and is very protective of his family. He loves to play in the water, he goes kayaking with me, his most favorite is going for a drive in the car and being with people.

At the age of 9, Maggie Mae passed from complications due to seizures, our family was hit really hard. Tugg was really unhappy. I could not leave him home alone because he was lost. Being self-employed gave us the opportunity to start bringing him to the office. He slowly became accustomed to the noises of a busy office. I was concerned the first tax season Tugg was here, but… wow… did he show me!

Once during Tax Season, I was visiting with a couple who were upset about a family matter, they were talking and I was listening, the woman was talking. Before I knew what was happening, Tugg got up from his bed and walked between the two client chairs. He nuzzled the woman and she put her hand down and started petting his head. The tension in the room all but diminished right then. The woman became calmer, her husband relaxed and all was right with the world for a moment. It was really an inspiring thing to watch.

Since that time, Tugg has become our Tax Therapy dog!! Clients love him, ask for him by name, bring him treats and can’t wait to visit with HIM!! Tugg has been in the office for 4 tax seasons now.

Tugg is 13 going on 14 this year, as with any senior “pup” they develop health issues. Because his eyes are not so good and now his hearing is so-so. I will only be bringing Tugg on the weekends for his security. However, I know he will be sadly missed by many this season.