Payroll Services

We offer a full range of Professional Payroll Services:

It is my experience with Business Payroll that this should be hired out to a professional, or a competent individual be hired for your firm. One mistake in payroll taxes, insurance audits, or taking incorrect deductions from your employee’s pay can lead to dire and cost consuming consequences.

Payroll is expensive! But you cannot grow your business without employees. If you value your employees, they will value your business.

We offer Full Payroll services, weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly or monthly pay schedules. We file all monthly, quarterly and annual reports for you. We take the burden of remembering when/where and how much, so that you can focus on your business. We provide you with payroll reports so that you can keep on top of how much your payroll is, and if we prepare your bookkeeping, we can integrate your payroll into your bookkeeping so that you have actual, reconciled, and professional reports to take to your board meetings, as well as your banker.

“We have been complimented several times on how accurate and uniform our reports are to read and go through.”

Wholesale contractor with ADP Payroll Inc.

R.A.J. Services LLC has been processing payroll for as long as we have been in business. As a business professional, you know business needs change. With that, beginning in 2016 R.A.J. Services LLC has stepped up our Payroll Processing services to better serve our clients. In September 2016, we entered into and are now a Wholesale contractor with ADP Payroll Inc.

Who is ADP Payroll Inc.? ADP is THE largest payroll processing software in the nation. ADP has been processing payroll for 60+ years. One out of every five paychecks are processed using ADP Technology. They have the wheel working, why reinvent it.

What does this mean for you, the client?

  • Flexible Payroll Input Options, Employee Online Access, General Ledger Interface
  • Payroll Preview, Payment Options, Full Service Direct Deposit,
  • Electronic Reports, Tax filing, New Hire Reporting
  • Garnishment Payment Service, State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Management.

In a nut shell: no more paper checks or reports, no more waiting for payroll, all taxes are withdrawn with each payroll so no more coming up with funds for taxes, they are already taken care of!

Employers and their employees have full online access. In addition, the Tax Liability is now on ADP and not you.

Faster quarterly and annual processing, employees can have access to their W-2’s early, fast and securely.

Most of all, you have R.A.J. Services LLC as your guide and watching your back. We process the payroll for you using ADP technology, we notify you when the deposit will be withdrawn, we can send you confirmation, or you can utilize the electronic reporting on your unique business portal. Sign in and you are set. Print custom reports to fit your business needs. Go online and see them for yourself, whichever way is more to your way of doing business.

Let R.A.J. Services LLC assist you in your payroll processing. You do your business; we take care of you, your staff, and the paperwork.

Individual Services

Contact us to evaluate your Personal exemptions and for completing a W-4 to give to your payroll department.

See what real clients are saying:

Dan & Meredith Prebeg

“We have always known Kathy to be a small business owner and professional tax professional who is committed to her profession, our community and our small business needs! We would recommend Kathy at RAJ Services LLC to anyone in need of accounting services.”

Dan & Meredith PrebegRTL Electric LLP
Betty L

“We have been using Kathy at RAJ Services LLC for our Business and Personal Tax returns for over 5 years. Kathy has always done a prompt and complete job for us. She took the time needed to get to know us and our business, assuring that all of our questions and specific needs were and continue to be addressed!”

Betty L